Bienvenidos a Torteria Lupita !


Our family comes from Mexico City, which means we are “Chilangos,”  born and raised.

Mexican markets are a huge part of our culture.  The heartbeat of every Mexican neighbourhood can be found in it’s local market. There you will find beautiful fresh produce, local meats, fish, cheeses as well as natural medicines,  pots, pans, household products and of course wonderful little lunch counters overflowing with fruits for agua fresca,  layers and layers of flattened steaks for “cecina” (cured bavette),  copper tubs full of boiling hot fat for deep-frying churros and homemade potato chips served with Valentina, grilled corn on the cob, as well as many varieties of Tortas (Mexican sandwiches) and Huaraches (a corn galette served with meat and cheese),  just to name a few!  These Markets are magical places.  Each makeshift “restaurant” miraculously produces delicious  simple food using the freshest ingredients available, so fresh that most don’t even have refrigeration! 

Most North American people associate Mexican food with “tacos, and burritos.”  While these street foods seem to be widely known and appreciated, we wanted to offer something a little different.  At Lupita, we have tried to recreate some of the typical Mexican market,  foods that you can only discover when you visit one of these places.  We want you to experience the flavours of our country,  deeply engraved in our memories,  the comfort food of our youth.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Buen Provecho!

Con amor, la famillia.